Great Bobby Vee videos! From "American Bandstand" to "Where The Action Is" are all here. You will also find movies like "Just for Fun" and 'Play it Cool' along with daytime television show"Hollywood Squares." You will also find current great Bobby Vee videos to share with you. This page also features three Bobby Vee Scopitonic videos from the 1960s. Scopitone is a type of jukebox featuring a 16 mm film component. Scopitone films were a forerunner of music videos.

Bobby's CD "The Adobe Sessions" is now available as a
hardcopy or for download at and Amazon.

Bobby Vee The Man In Me
One of the earthy heartfelt performances off Bobby Vee's final record THE ADOBE SESSIONS released February 3rd, 2014.
Recorded with his three sons in the garage of his adobe winter home in Tucson, Arizona - Vee reinvents Bob Dylan's New Morning classic THE MAN IN ME into a mystic garage groove. The sessions were a way for the family to get busy making music while diverting attention from the stunning Alzheimers diagnosis Vee received not long before this recording.


Bobby Vee If You Needed Me
(This video was a preview of the music from the upcoming "Adobe Sessions CD")

Bobby Vee Promo 1989

Bobby Vee singing Look at Me, Girl on Where The Action Is

Bobby Vee The Story of Bobby Vee

Happy holidays from Bobby Vee & The Vees

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Bobby Vee, clip from "Just for Fun"

At A Time Like This
From 'Play it Cool' 1962 Billy Fury film. Bobby was on tour in England at the time and made a guest appearance.

Sharing You
Rare Footage from 1965

(All You Gotta Do Is) Touch Me
Introduced by Juke Box Jury host David Jacobs, here's Bobby Vee in a clip from the 1963 UK film 'Just For Fun'.

Run To Him
Dick Clark's American Bandstand 1965

Hollywood Squares Intro 1979

Hollywood Squares Intro 1979 part 2

Baby Face
Another in the fabulous series of Bobby Vee Scopitones. This time with a bevy of bikini'ed beauties.

I Just Can't Help Believing, The Lady Came From Baltimore & Both Sides Now
From The Barbara McNair Show.

Take Good Care of My Baby, Bobby Vee with Sha Na Na
Bobby Vee's appearance on Sha Na Na in about 1980.

Tell Me How
From the Down The Line CD

Up North December Have a Rockin' Merry Christmas
From Rockhouse Productions

Myron Lee and the Caddies”. It’s a must for all Fans of Bobby Vee. You can see Bobby and Karen so young and so happy! And you can see Bill Velline.  And there are so many other stars from the 60’s.

But see for yourselfes.